Spring Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

FTC Oury Group’s Checklist for Spring Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

While the nooks, crannies and closets get the most attention during spring cleaning, FTC Oury Group wants to remind you that the exterior of your home may need some maintenance as well.  While the winter brings ice condensation to your attic, spring is known for storm damage and uncovering any problems the snow melts to reveal.  Here is a quick checklist for homeowners to use in their spring cleaning:

  • Siding – Walk around your home and inspect for any storm or hail damage
  • Gutters – Clear all downspouts and check for any clogging or damage
  • Roof – Remove any branches and inspect for punctures or shingle peeling
  • Attic – Check for signs of ice condensation or damage not visible from the exterior
  • Windows –  Make sure no cracking or damage occurred over the winter

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