Insurance Recovery

FTC Oury Group – your home insurance consultant.

After your home suffers damage from a storm, the last thing you want to do is be overwhelmed by paperwork and the claims process.  FTC Oury Group will eliminate the headaches, help fill out the forms and coordinate our contractors to perform the repairs.  We understand making repairs quickly and getting life back to normal is the number one priority.  Our storm damage and insurance recovery specialists will accurately assess the situation and:

  • Document damage
  • Provide estimates
  • Ensure accurate claim for full reimbursement
  • Perform repairs to the highest standard of quality

Whether you have storm damage to report or need help with an existing claim, FTC Oury Group is here for you.  Contact us today to set up a free storm damage inspection.

Confusion About What Is Covered?

When it comes to recovering damages from the insurance company, many homeowners are not completely clear on what is covered, or how to make a claim.  It really is all about the details in both your policy and reimbursement claim.  FTC Oury Group is experienced helping homeowners make accurate claims that get the reimbursement you deserve.  From hail and water damage to more serious incidents of destruction, we reduce the stress and improve the results of your situation.

Schedule a free in-home consultation to discuss a storm damage claim with one of our experts.  We will provide the guidance and resources to restore your home as close to original condition as possible.  Email us today and get relief tomorrow.

The National Storm Damage Center offers valuable resources to identify storm damage.  From storm preparation and insurance questions, to learning the different types of storm damage, they cover it all. NSDC teaches homeowners to protect themselves from both storms and scams.  Click here to learn more.