House Siding that Demands Curb Appeal

Landscape photo of high-quality house siding

Let’s look at why choosing the house siding may be one of the most important home improvement decisions you can make.

Whether you are looking to sell or stick where you are for the foreseeable future, your home’s curb appeal is crucial. It increases your home’s value. It’s also critical for those who see your home’s listing and decide to take a drive past. If you are deciding to stay put, your home’s curb appeal becomes a visual representation of the kind of neighbor you are and gives a small glimpse into your priorities and values.

With these things in mind, choosing house siding takes on added meaning.

Here are three factors that play a major role in the long-term satisfaction and ROI of this decision.

Colors – Pay close attention to the colors. They will set the feeling and mood for the exterior of your home. For instance, the right shade of blue will be cool and calming, while reds, oranges or yellows have a much more vibrant feel to them. A yellow or green can give off a fresh, happy feel. Take a moment to understand what feeling you’d like to convey as you choose your house siding.

The Right Style – Lap siding, shingle siding or vertical siding will all give your home a very distinct look or feel. Artisan siding might give added depth and dimension. Make sure you evaluate the characteristics of your home and decide what might look good. For inspiration, you can look through these James Hardie selections.

Materials – House siding can consist of a variety of materials. Fiber cement, composite siding, vinyl, shingle, or wood applications will all have a distinct look and feel to them. Each can add to the character of the outside of your home to boost curb appeal.

Find the Right Siding for Your Home

Your curb appeal is crucial to your home value, whether you are looking to stay put or move in the future. Home siding is a significant part of curb appeal.

Are you looking to enhance your curb appeal right now? Contact your home siding experts today, and we can help you get started.