How To Create An Eye-Catching Front Entryway

an elegant modernized home entryway with beautiful white and blue LED lights

The front entryway of your house can be an important centerpiece for enhancing the curb appeal of your home. A more inspired entry provokes curiosity from onlookers and can be the ideal way to enhance your home’s exterior.

Below we have some suggestions for taking your front entryway to the next level and creating an exterior that makes your home something beautiful to look at.

Three Must-Haves For A Fantastic Front Entryway

Knockin’ On a New Front Door

Updating the color is important, and we’ve mentioned it in previous posts. But the style and materials can be important as well. For instance, a Dutch door or a Farmhouse front door could provide an eye-popping quality. You may want to add glass for a lookout as well.

There are plenty of front door materials to choose from if you’re looking to make an update. Fiberglass, aluminum, wood, vinyl; choosing the right

As usual, Pinterest provides some terrific inspiration when it comes to updating your front door.

Let There Be Light

Lighting frames how your front entryway will look from a distance. It’s an important consideration for adopting a new look. You have plenty of options, whether it’s cottage, classical, colonial or something else.

Make sure you consider the material of the fixture as well, and how well it will match with your home’s exterior. If you’re looking for lighting inspiration, This Old House provides it here.

Stunning Soffits

These areas protect your home from unwanted pests and can house your attic ventilation. They add a powerful visual pop to the look of your home. They can be made from traditional materials such as aluminum or wood, or synthetic materials such as PVC or vinyl.

This HGTV article on the importance of soffits can give you some inspiration.

Other Ideas For An Inviting Front Entryway

It’s important not to overlook nearby landscaping as you work to create a fantastic front entryway. Potted plants and nearby flower gardens can give your exterior bold color accents. Native plantings provide a rustic, more natural look.

James Hardie siding can give the exterior of your home a new life and vigor. New siding can be transformational for the look of your home. Just make sure the color matches those newly potted petunias!

Are you ready to make a change? If you’d like more ideas on an update to your home’s exterior contact us today!