5 Core Elements Of An Energy Efficient Smart Home

Smart thermostat attached to a wall, displaying it's home screen

Imagine walking through the door after a long day at work. Your family is out of town, but your smart home is here to greet you. All of your appliances work together in new and innovative ways to create an environment that is customized to meet your needs.

New strategies for energy efficient home design continue to be established. Some states often offer incentives for incorporating renewable energy into the design. 

Below are some of the core elements of your smart home. 

An Eco-Friendly Internet of Things

If when you come home, you’re looking for an adult beverage, you can be  assured there’s one waiting for you. This is because your fridge can notify you when you are out, or automatically purchase more.  

All of your appliances communicate with you in new and innovative ways that help you save energy, save money on your utility bills, and achieve new levels of personalized usage.  

A Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can do things like turn the heat down while no one is home. You can program it to kick on 10 minutes before you get home. It can program itself and help you save money. You can also control it from the console itself, or from a remote location with your phone.  

Built with Energy Efficiency in Mind

Part of building a smart home is making energy efficient decisions at every turn. Energy efficient roofing and siding will help you expend less energy to heat and cool your home. There are newer ways to factor in energy efficiency as well. A smart home will likely also include solar energy panels on the roof, an electric car charging station in the garage, and heated floors.  

Integrated Entertainment

Let’s say you’re a major Bruce Springsteen fan. When you get home from work, and you’re looking to unwind by yourself, you can tell your home that you want to listen to Born to Run. It plays using the speakers for the room that you’re in, but it can follow you through the house if you’re looking to change clothes in the bedroom or fix supper in the kitchen.  

A New Level of Security

Security cameras offer footage that can be evaluated from any smart phone or home screen. Email and text alerts can be set for when the garage door is left open, when the stove is left on, or when windows unexpectedly open. Enhanced levels of technology can make your home safer than ever.  


New and innovative technologies are emerging every day that increase your smart home’s potential. It’s easier than ever to create a home that meets your every need. For more ideas on energy efficient roofing, siding and gutters, contact us today!