How To File An Insurance Claim For Storm Damage

while male beginning to fill out a home insurance claim form

When it comes to weather in the Midwest, anything can happen, and unfortunately that often means storm damage. Winter weather can bring damage from ice storms, snow, wind, and other unpredictable forces.  

With spring comes hail, and the summer weather can bring on storm damage from thunderstorms, tornados and more. Flooding isn’t typically covered in a homeowners package, so you’ll often need separate insurance for that.  

Here’s how to file a claim, and handle the storm damage process:

For your reference, this is what a typical storm damage claim page from the insurance company might look like. It lays out some of the weather events that may be covered. The details will remain in your plan, however…                

  • Immediately following the storm, it’s important to take a lot of pictures of the damage. This can be an important step in determining the need for roofing repair or siding repair. If there are hail stones still laying on the ground, take pictures of those, too. If there are any news stories that discuss the extent of the area-wide damage, it’s a good idea to save those, too.  
  • Once you’ve documented the extent of the damage to the exterior of your home, you can contact a trusted home repair company to help you determine the extent of the damage, and the types of repair you’ll need. 
  • At this point, it’s time to contact the insurance company. It’s helpful to keep a copy of your policy on hand, so that you can refer back to it, and understand what it does and does not cover. Also, make sure you’re ready to send any photographs and other documentation.  
  • While insurance companies are there to protect you and your home, it is important to have a contractor on-site who will help maximize your claim. If you can schedule a visit from an adjuster the same day that the repair company visits, you may have a better chance at approval of the claim.  
  • When a claim is approved, FTC Oury Group’s experts will handle all paperwork, walk you through the repair process and work to get you the best results.

Dealing with storm damage is never fun. But if you can follow this process and be sure to provide ample documentation of the damage, the bureaucracy behind the insurance companies can be navigated.  

If you have any further questions about the storm damage process, or for help with repairs, contact us today!