Don’t Hesitate on Home Roof Repairs

destroyed shingle on home in need of a new roof

Home roof repairs can be costly and intensive. They don’t typically fall into the DIY category of jobs. It takes effort, and many times a budget to address an aging or failing roof. It’s easy to put a slightly damaged roof off as a low-priority repair. But there are plenty of reasons why this might not be a good idea, and it can drastically impact the health of your home.

We’ve had the wettest May in the Chicago area in 124 years. There’s no telling where and when the next Midwest thunderstorm may pop up and cause damage. It’s a good idea to do everything you can to protect your most prized investment – your home. And that means calling roof repair professionals right when the need arises.

Home Roof Repairs are Critical to the Health of Your Home

It Impacts Air Quality

When you let a damaged roof go unchecked, tiny gaps begin to form in your roof, and it becomes vulnerable to the elements. When your roof lets in humidity or moisture, it’s creating the perfect environment for mold or mildew to grow. Your family can see more instances of cold-like symptoms, allergies, and other illnesses.

Keeping your family healthy starts with a high air quality – and a sturdy, dependable roof.

It Keeps Curb Appeal High

It’s important that you love your home, after all it’s where you spend the most time. When you keep up with your home roof repairs it can help to keep the curb appeal high. A healthy roof has a significant impact on the look of the house.

If you’re considering selling your home within a few years, home roof repairs take on additional importance. Potential buyers can have peace of mind knowing that the roof has been maintained. When you have a quality roof, it may even allow you to up the asking price for the home.

Catch it While it’s a Minor Repair

It’s no secret that roof repairs can get expensive. But if you act fast, you can catch a repair while it’s minor and save money in the process. The nature of a damaged roof is that it will become worse over time. If you think a roof is expensive, water damage inside the home can present another world of problems. Your best bet is to act fast when you notice a problem.

Waiting on a roof repair can also impact your insurance. You may only receive compensation for the cost of the basic repair job, and be forced to pay more out of pocket. When you let it go far too long, replacement may be the best option – and that is likely costlier than any repairs. An asphalt roof that is well-maintained may last 30 years. A damaged roof will have a much shorter life than that.


We understand that home roof repairs aren’t fun. We know that you may not want to make the call for repairs right now. But a proactive response is better for the homeowner in the long run. If you have questions or concerns about your roof, contact FTC Oury today!