3 Reasons Why the Demand for Fiber Cement Siding is on the Rise

extraordinary blue home with white accents sporting fiber cement siding

More and more U.S. homeowners are making the move to fiber cement siding. In fact, demand for fiber cement siding is expected to rise by 3.6 percent by 2022. With the US experiencing some of the largest market gains, it’s easy to see why they’re making the change. There are a few considerable benefits that likely have to do with the rise in popularity of this siding material.

Three Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber Cement Siding Has Unmatched Longevity

Fiber cement siding enjoys one of the best benefits in the siding industry – longevity. The cement, wood fiber, and other additives that make up this composite material combine to make a product that is resistant to the worst of the outdoor elements. Fiber cement siding withstands weather, wear and tear, and insects better than other siding alternatives. In the Midwest we are continuously pelted with all these problems. We have torrential summer rains followed by frigid winters.

When you take care of your fiber cement siding, it can last for as long as 50 years – a duration that tough to match. The durability and longevity that this siding provides makes it a bargain.

The Look of Wood

There is something elegant and time-tested about the look of wood siding. It will always be in style. Vinyl or aluminum simply cannot replicate this look, but fiber cement siding can. It’s a realistic alternative for either the rustic or modern wood look, and it won’t involve the same levels of staining, repainting, and sealing to preserve the look of your home.

The texture of vinyl cement siding also has a similar wood feel to it. If you’re looking to capture this look without the high level of upkeep, this is the way to do it.

Fire and Heat Resistance

Fire safety is a significant benefit with fiber cement siding. You won’t melt your siding when you light up the grill. Your siding won’t become fuel in the unlikely event of a house fire. For this reason, fiber cement siding simply makes your home safer for you and your family.


These three benefits make fiber cement siding an ideal choice – especially in the Midwest weather conditions. If you’re considering updating the look of your home’s exterior, contact FTC Oury today!