The Real Value of A New Roof

Unlike a new car that depreciates greatly after being driven off the lot, the real value of a new roof matures after installation.

According to national research data, installing a new roof can add $12,000 to the resale value of your home. But increasing the resale value may not mean much to homeowners who plans to stay. Here are a few other benefits to consider when determining the real value of a new roof for your home:


Knowing your home and family are protected by the best quality roofing products, installed by an insured and accountable roofing company, provides peace of mind that exceeds monetary value. Hiring a reliable and professional contractor that offers a warranty and responds timely to emergencies will further ease the stress of owning a home.

Energy and Cost Savings

Newer, eco-friendlier materials and a fresh underlayment will provide an immediate upgrade to both protecting the wood beneath your shingles and sealing any energy loss. Believe it or not, shingles technology has improved dramatically in the past decade. In the late 90’s you could not find shingles rated to withstand more than 65mp winds. The shingles today withstand up to 130mph winds. There is even a chance the right roof will reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance.


Some may argue the aesthetic design of public spaces can directly impact human life. It may impact how you feel about your living space. A new roof that complements the appearance and style of your home better, one that completely redefines a buyer’s first impression, or creates a smile on a spouse’s face, provides an unmeasurable value.


Having a reliable and comprehensive warranty eliminates worry and the reduces the risk you will be liable for emergency repair costs if the worst were to happen. A manufacturer’s warranty on shingles will cover product defects, but a workmanship warranty or 50 Year Owens Corning Warranty will cover both labor and materials.

Selling Price

For those looking to eventually sell, a new roof can have a dramatic impact.  Most notably on the selling price and first impression potential buyers get pulling up to the home. With the cost-benefit above $10,000 with many homes, this is one of the most significant ways to increase the value of your home before selling. An old roof may be a concern for new buyers- a new roof instills confidence in the purchase.

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