Stay Cool This Summer With A Properly Insulated Home

A properly insulated home is the key to year round temperature control.

When we hear the word “insulation,” we commonly think of a barrier of heat retention. Most people rush to have their homes insulated so they save heat and stay toasty in the cold winter months. Sure, insulation functions as a warm blanket for even the oldest of homes in the middle of winter, but it doubly functions as a barrier for keeping heat out in mid-summer months.

Hot temperatures rush to fill in cold temperature spaces, and vice versa. When you spend loads of money all summer to blast air conditioning for cooling off the home, the unbearable heat from outdoors can easily diffuse through the walls and flood your expensively cooled home. It’s the same principle that allows cold wind to blow right through walls and into non-insulated homes in the winter. Insulation, without a doubt, serves a crucial, double function for the summer and the winter.

Properly Insulated Home in the Summer

If it’s already mid-June, chances are if your home isn’t insulated, you’ve experienced some pretty unpleasant warm temperatures during the day and at night. Nothing is worse than trying to fall asleep on hot summer nights while you roll around in sweat and anguish.

Now is the perfect time to consider proper home insulation for combatting the extreme heat. Insulation won’t hotbox your home and keep the heat inside. It will keep the heat from coming inside your home and will help you keep your air conditioning bills down and energy efficiency up.

“But, I have an old home. The insulation won’t work.”

That is a common misconception and can be easily remedied with quality and professional insulation services. Old homes, especially, stand to benefit greatly from insulation, as their energy bills and waste are usually exponentially worse than new homes. Through our injection fiberglass insulation services, we can inject insulation in any form of brick, stone, shingles, walls, or siding.

FTC Oury Group will help maximize your home’s energy efficiency by installing only the high-quality code-compliant Owens Corning AttiCat Pink Fiberglass insulation. A properly insulated home will conserve energy and reduce your monthly energy bills immediately. Your investment with us will provide year-round savings.

Don’t settle for sweltering, unbearably hot summer months with incredibly expensive energy bills. Contact us to keep your home cool the natural, and energy-effective way, with professionally installed insulation today.