3 Reasons Your Home May Need A New Roof

When was the last time you performed a thorough inspection of your roof?

There are many ways for the homeowner to make an initial determination if they need a professional roofing contractor for repair or replacement. Here are three reasons your home may need a new roof or a roof repair:


Different types of shingles have different life expectancies. For instance, a slate roof may last up to fifty years but asphalt shingles closer to twenty. Chicago’s winters and windy weather can lead to shortening the life of your roof. If it’s been more than twenty years since shingles were laid, it is at the least time for an inspection.

Water, Hail and Storm Damage

Obvious visible signs of water or hail damage mean there is a more significant problem underneath. Small leaks caused from storm damage that can lead to mold, loose shingles that fly off and water damage from a poor gutter system can all contribute to the need for roof repair.

Recalled Shingles

There are times when a product does not live up to quality standards. We see this with Certainteed organic singles from 1987 to 2005. These were sold under many different brand names- Horizon Shangle, Custom Seldom, and Custom Lok 25 , making it even harder for the homeowner to identify if their shingles are in need replacement, or eligible for reimbursement. These shingles will fall apart within 12-15 years so it is important to be an informed consumer when it comes to protecting your home.

Performing a comprehensive inspection of your roof is physically demanding, and in some cases, dangerous. If you do not feel comfortable climbing a ladder or crawling through your attic, hire a professional.

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