How To Know When You Need New Siding

New siding is one of the most significant updates you can make to the exterior of your home. Siding protects the exterior walls from the outside elements, and heavily impacts the look and style of your home.

New siding is an investment. The up-front cost can be recovered in future savings on utility bills, as your home becomes more energy efficient. There are a wide variety of products on the market designed to look great, last longer, and provide added protection from the elements.

Here’s how to when you might need new siding.


If rot has spread across the exterior of your home, then your siding loses the ability to protect you and your family from the outside elements. It may be time to update the exterior of your home with a material that won’t decay over time, with consistent exposure to rain or the sun.

Hail Damage

If your siding has been chipped or dented by hail, it will lose its ability to do its job, and protect the exterior of your home. Vinyl siding can be especially prone to hail damage. If your siding is no longer serving as the barrier it once was, it might be time for an update.

Cracks or Gaps

If there are imperfections on your siding that weren’t there when the material was installed, it might be time to consider updating your siding. These cracks or gaps aren’t just detracting from the visual appeal of your home. They admit moisture and bugs indoors – which can cause further damage.


The faded color of old siding can be a sign that it’s time to update the look and feel of your home. It can also be a sign that your siding is no longer working up to its original strength.

Your Utility Bills

If your heat and air conditioning bills are on the pricey side, new siding and additional insulation can provide added protection from the elements. It will strengthen the barrier between indoor and outdoor air.


Make sure that your siding both looks great and is effectively protecting your home from the outdoor elements. Check out the James Hardie photo gallery for a great collection from our favorite brand. If you have questions about the condition of your current siding, or you are looking for new siding installation, contact us today!