Top Three Siding Options For Your Home

With so many options, choosing the best siding for your home can be a chore.

As a roofing company with over three decades of experience installing siding, we may have some valuable recommendations. Here are Oury Roofing’s Top Three Siding Options For Your Home:

James Hardie Siding

At the top of our top three siding options for your home is James Hardie. These award-winning exterior products come with 126 years of innovation and top-notch 30-year limited warranties. James Hardie products combine high performance, beautiful design, and ultimate reliability.  As a result, almost 6 million homeowners have chosen James Hardie to protect and decorate their home.

What makes their products unique is the invention of fiber cement over 30 years ago. After spending $100MM on research and development, a far superior product was introduced to the market. Visit the James Hardie website to view their full line of products.

Mastic Vinyl Siding

The most popular type of siding is vinyl and the leader in vinyl siding is Mastic. Mastic offers Insulated siding, lap siding and vertical siding in a wide variety of colors and textures. Their attractive and affordable siding options are a low-maintenance, high-quality option for any home.  In addition, Mastic Vinyl offers exceptional curb appeal and durability.

Cedar Siding

Cedar adds an earthy look with an attractive shadow line that is naturally weather, decay and insect resistant. Choosing the right texture, grade, pattern, and finish can have an impact on your long-term costs and maintenance.  Consequently, professional siding installation and proper care of cedar siding are instrumental to maintaining the integrity and appearance of your investment.

Have questions about siding options for your home? Contact us at (630) 866-6888 and we’ll be happy to answer them.