Why Fall is Our Favorite Time of Year (To Roof Your Home)

Why is fall our favorite time of the year to roof your home?

At FTC Oury Group, we love fall as much as the next seasonal enthusiast. Nothing matches the bright, beautiful coloring of the leaves, and of course we have a great vantage point from the rooftop. The nip of a hot cup of coffee is the perfect way to start the day before we climb our ladders.

But those aren’t the only reasons we love the fall. It happens to be peak roofing season, and for good reason.

Some Fall Roofing Advantages

Better Weather

Roofing your home requires a certain amount of exposure to the outdoor elements. The summer rainy season is generally over as we enter into the fall – making it easier to limit the level of exposure that a home experiences. It’s also a little easier for the roofers to spend all day on an asphalt roof when the sun isn’t sweltering.

Shingles Don’t Stick Together

Asphalt is the most common roofing material that we work with. In the summer, the shingles stick together as we pull them out of the package. This is because of the heat of the day. When the temperature hovers in the 50s, they don’t stick. They’re also not brittle, like they can be during the winter.

Your Roof Settles

The shingles on your roof work best when they’ve had a chance to settle. A stronger barrier forms to prevent water damage. This helps keep your roof dry, but can also protect your roof during high winds.

Winter Stress

Your roof undergoes a significant amount of stress during the winter months. If it’s aging and showing signs of wear, replacing it before the strenuous winter months can prevent further damage. The cold Illinois winters can lead to several inches of snow. That amounts to some heavy weight on your roof. Sleet, freezing rain and ice dams can also lead to further problems.

Roofers work all four seasons, but the fall offers the most consistent stretch of advantageous weather. There is still time to replace your roof before the winter weather turns. Contact us today!