Best Roofing Shingles to Enhance Your Home

Your roof does a lot for your home, so it makes sense to search for the best roofing shingles that are on the market.

Your roof is your barrier between your loved ones and the extreme weather of the northern Illinois area. It protects you from rain, snow, heat, cold, hail, sleet and more. We need our roof to be sturdy and dependable at all times.

Not only that, but the condition and quality of your roof adds to curb appeal. If shingles look ratty, worn or missing, it becomes immediately noticeable. You want a roof that looks good – especially if you are looking to add to the value of your home.

The Best Kind of Roofing Shingles: Asphalt

Asphalt shingles are the most common shingle option, and for good reason – they typically last between 20 and 30 years and maximize ROI for the homeowner. They come in a variety of colors and styles so you can still manage a look that will be distinct to your home.

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The Best Brand for Roofing Shingles: Owens Corning

But the quest to find the best roofing shingles to enhance your home transcends the type. The brand that you go with matters as well.
Owens Corning is a trusted name in roofing. They offer a product that serves as a strong moisture barrier for the home, scientifically tested to keep water out.

Owens Corning roofs not only serve as a strong protector for your home, but also give your home an elegant, distinct look – adding to that ever-valuable curb appeal. The shingles are also designed in a way to prevent deterioration and keep them from blowing off in high winds.

Browse Owens Corning full line of shingles on their website.

We understand your quest for the best roofing shingles to protect your family from the extreme elements in northern Illinois. If you’d like to find out more, contact us today!