When Is It Time For A New Roof?

a beautiful tan colored home showing the many signs of when it is time for a new roof

When is it time for a new roof? The answer to this question varies based on many factors.

The condition and age of your existing roof, to name two. Or, how long you intend on staying in your existing home to determine warranty coverage. A new roof is a significant investment in the safety, comfort, and curb appeal of your home.

Below are several key factors that can help you determine how to answer the question “When is it time for a new roof?”

Your Existing Roof Is Getting Older

An asphalt roof typically lasts 20 to 25 years. If your roof is approaching that age, it’s time to start looking for a replacement before you start experiencing the problems that come with wear and tear. 

Weather Damage To Your Existing Roof

If your roof shows signs of damage after severe weather, a thorough inspection by a professional should determine whether it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

If storm damage requires a roof replacement, you may be able to submit an insurance claim for the cost of a new roof. Whether there is structural damage or a few broken shingles, the potential for insurance coverage makes this an opportune time for a new roof. 

Shingles Are Looking Worn

If you walk your roof and you see curling, buckling, or missing shingles, this may be a sign it’s time for a replacement. If a significant percentage of shingles on your roof are looking worn or cracked,  don’t wait until they fail completely- fix the problem before it causes a leak or higher energy bills.

Interior Leaks

Water stains on the ceilings or walls may be due to a roof leak. In some cases, this may be confined to one local area of the roof. But if they occur on a regular basis or in several areas, it’s a sign that your existing roof and sealing materials are failing. A leaky roof may even cause mold if left too long without repair or replacement.   

A Sagging Roof

A sagging roof can indicate water damage, failing materials, or an excessive amount of weight on the roof.  These can lead to serious structural issues. Have a professional diagnose the severity of the problem and determine whether a roof replacement is needed.

When It’s Time For A New Roof, Call FTC Oury Group

A quality roof is a twenty to fifty year investment in your home. When you start the process of shopping for a new roof, it’s important to choose an experienced company that uses quality materials and is licensed and insured. That company is FTC Oury Group.

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