May 11, 2020

The best siding companies are hard to come by, and the look of the exterior of your home involves some crucial decisions. When a company helps you achieve your expectations, it makes forging a lifetime relationship that much easier.

Below are some of the ways that you can recognize the great siding companies, so that you make an informed decision from the start.

What Makes Great Siding Companies Great?

Customer Experience – When it comes to selecting a siding company, customers have a lot of choices. This makes it increasingly difficult for companies to set themselves apart from the competition. One thing that makes a great siding company is creating an exceptional customer experience. Here are some of the factors that go into this process:

  • The technical experience and expertise of the contractor
  • The quality of the siding materials used
  • The quality of the work completed
  • The punctuality of the crew
  • Communication with the customer
  • The ability to provide quality references before a job is completed
  • Their ideas or suggestions for other curb appeal projects

Pointing out these factors should help customers recognize the great siding companies early on in the process.

Google Reviews – A company can talk about how great they are until they are blue in the face. But when a paying customer shares their positive experience, that’s called social proof, and it is extremely valuable. If a company has zero Google reviews, it could just mean that they don’t have a very wide social presence. It could also mean that there’s not many former customers willing to say good things about them.

If a company has 10 or more Google reviews, this can be a very good sign that they are leaving customers more satisfied with their work.

A Quality Local Contractor – Great siding companies know how to establish trust with their customer. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to have an established reputation within the local community. When a contractor has already worked on several homes within a community or subdivision, there’s an established trust and the decision to do business becomes easier.

The companies that take the time to join the local chambers of commerce and establish a community presence will also stand out. In an age of fly by night siding companies, it makes it easier to spot quality when you see it.

Great Siding Companies Are Harder to Find

It may take a little work to find the great siding companies, but when you do, you’ll be happy that you didn’t settle. Making this decision right will go a long way in determining the end results of the job, and what you’ll think of the experience down the road. If you’re looking for an experienced siding company in the Chicago area, contact us today!

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