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We pride ourselves on utilizing the highest quality products in the market today, combined with competitive pricing. Your home is an artistic expression, and it should reflect your style and taste from the front door right up to the roof. Whether it’s remodeling or new construction, choose FTC Oury to do a professional job. All work is guaranteed for up to 10 years!

Roofing insulation rarely gets the respect it deserves. Out of sight and out of mind summarizes the approach of many facility managers and commercial building owners. If the roof system doesn’t have holes, all is good. But roof insulation affects your building’s energy efficiency; thus performance and operations cost – not to mention its service life – on a nearly daily basis.

As many as 90% of roofs covering commercial buildings are composed of low-slope designs with rigid insulation fastened onto a deck of steel or concrete. In these systems, the insulation can play three roles:

  1. Drainage
  2. Thermal barrier
  3. Working platform

Maximizing each function of the roofing insulation enhances your roof’s ROI.

Breaking Down Roofing Insulation’s Thermal Function

Heat moves through a roof in three ways. Each has a different impact on building performance and the options available to control it.

  • Conductionhappens within solid materials and between solid materials in physical contact. This is probably the most intuitive path of heat transfer.
  • Convectionoccurs within gases and liquids as an overall result of heat conduction within the gas or liquid and the movement of these substances. For insulation, that implies air gaps, latent or entrapped moisture (evident in all construction materials), and wind uplift/negative pressure.
  • Radiationoccurs independently of solids, gases, and liquids when sunlight heats a roof or heat radiates outward from a building at night.

Roof Repair Cost

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The national average roof repair cost is $879, with most homeowners spending between $353 and $1,423. The most common small roof repairs typically cost between $150 and $400. Labor runs around $45 to $75 per hour.

Roofing professionals should manage any large or complicated jobs. If you have any doubts about your capability to complete the job safely, call several contractors, and collect quotes.

Keeping a sound roof tops the list of vital home repairs. It keeps your home interior dry and warm and protects it from the elements. If you discern damage or signs of wear, take action instantly. Otherwise, you may need to pay the price to have your roof replaced.

Roof Leak Repair Costs

A leaking roof typically costs anywhere from $10 to $120 for a simple fix. Luckily, homeowners can repair some issues on their own. Here are some prevalent leaks and the usual DIY cost to repair them:

How to Fix Common Causes of Leaks

  • Cracked flashing:Flashing is the metal strip that forms a water-resistant barrier between joints. Metal can crack or corrode from a page or deteriorated sealant. To fix it, gently pry up the material and remove nails. Nail a fresh strip in place and reseal.
  • Cracked vent booting:Vent booting is a gasket utilized in sealing roof vents. To repair, cut, and remove the old boot with a knife. Install the new one over the vent and beneath the shingles. Secure with nails and seal with caulk.
  • Broken or missing shingles:High winds can remove or break shingles. If they’re broken, lift the shingle with a pry bar hard until the nails holding it pops up. Gently remove nails and old shingles. Replace with a new one and nail in place.
  • Ice dams:If snowmelt on your roof refreezes, it can form ice dams that hold snow on your roof. The weight can lead to damage. Use a roof rake to fix it and get rid of the first four feet of snow from the roof edge. Then use ice melt products per manufacturer’s instructions. Consider investing in a roof heat cable to avoid future issues.
  • Skylight leaks:Skylights can hold water, and the frame seals can crack and form leaks. If there’s an issue, clean off debris and repair cracks with clear silicone sealant.
  • Clogged gutters: Clean these out thoroughly to prevent water from pooling up. Otherwise, clogged gutters will stop rainwater from running off efficiently.

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