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FTC Oury Group has been involved in providing roofing services in Batavia for many years. With three generations of roofing knowledge, we are capable of offering all your roofing needs. FTC Oury Group was founded on one guiding principle: installing high-quality roofing using excellent workmanship and quality products.

Our company strives to set itself apart from all other roofing contractors. This is evident in the pride we take in all stages of our company, as well as sales, service, and installation. We believe that no other roofing contractor goes to the same length as we do to provide you, the client, with the highest quality roof.

We understand that re-roofing your home or commercial property is a crucial investment, which is why all of our employees are highly trained and qualified.

FTC Oury Group would like to thank you for the chance to work with you on your roofing project. Whether you are searching for a completely new roof system or a minor repair, we will make every effort possible to provide a pleasant roofing experience.

FTC Oury Group’s Services


Roofing in Batavia
Whether you are searching for a quality shingle or a lifetime warranty designer shingle, we will install a roof that suits your requirements and adds beauty to your home.

All of our employees are recognized as master shingle applicators, allowing us to provide homeowners extended warranties providing lasting peace of mind. Our residential services consist of:

  • Synthetic Shingles, Asphalt, and Cedar
  • Gutter and Downspouts
  • Gutter Covers
  • New Construction
  • Re-Roof
  • Skylights


Commercial Roofing, Batavia
FTC Oury Group installs thousands of square feet of low sloped roofing products. Call us today, and we will gladly offer a detailed report and proposal outlining a roof system to suit your needs.

Maintenance and Repairs

Service work is a vital part of our business. We take great pride in pinpointing and solving leak problems fast and efficiently. Irrespective of the size of the roof or problem, contact us today and put our experience to work for you.


Consistent maintenance can increase a roof system’s life span and prevent future issues saving potentially thousands of dollars in leak damage and/or premature roof failure. Call us today to set up your roof evaluation. After performing our assessment, a written roof analysis report will be provided outlining an effective maintenance plan.

Roof Repairs

We take great pride in pinpointing and solving leak problems quickly and effectively. Irrespective of how big or small your repair is, give us a call and put our experience to work for you.

Reasons Why Roof Repair is Necessary

1) Roof repairs due to leakages
The first and foremost reason is leakages, which are as a result of joints in the roof. If it is a sloping roof, then chances are there at the joints and junctions.

One of the reasons why roof tiles break is simple wear and tear. In addition to wear and tear, harsh weather conditions may cause tiles to fall apart. If it is a flat roof, chances of leakages are as a result of poor artistry or cold joints in the concrete.

2) Roof repairs because of damages

If the roofs are made up of Asbestos Cement Sheet or other Polycarbonate materials, then chances of leakages are because of joints getting loose because of wind. Besides, sometimes the connecting screws get to loosen up, making up the holes bigger creating leakages.

The other reason is that if the damaged roof tiles are not taken care of, water can seep into a roof. Ultimately, any water accumulated underneath roof tiles will seep into beams, through ceilings, and into a home. A considerable amount of damage can be caused by tiles that are broken, loose, missing, or water-logged.

If water is permitted to penetrate roof tiles for a long time, a home’s construction may get damaged. To avoid any unnecessary water damage, roof tiles should be maintained frequently. Additionally, any tiles that are damaged must be replaced quickly.

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