Reasons Why You Need Cedar Siding

Cedar Siding for House

Cedar siding is a traditional option for exteriors. It is a standard construction material. Cedar siding provides many practical benefits, rich colors, and unique grain patterns. With various profiles offered to complement a selection of building styles, cedar siding material provides an attractive amber-to-golden color range. The material is always hunted after for a laid back visual and warm effect.

Cedar Siding Advantages

Together with its appealing stunning grain patterns and coloring, which is based on the imitation of other siding choices; this material presents other practical benefits for your home, such as:

Versatility – It is easily painted or stained to increase color choices greatly. Additionally, the process to preserve and protect cedar siding as you improve its natural beauty.

Workability – In addition to being easy to nail and saw and light-weight, cedar siding is very stable due to its long strands. 

Natural resistance – Cedar siding contains an occurring chemical within it that protects the wood from insect damage, UV rays, moisture, and decay.

Insulating qualities – Because of its open cell structure, heat transfers consistently through cedar, meaning that it maintains interiors warmer droning winter and cooler during summer. 

Cedar Siding Forms Near Me

There are various types of cedar siding that you can use in creating an appealing exterior aesthetic. Common profiles of cedar siding are: 

Bevel siding

Cedar Siding Maintenance

Every piece of siding is cut at an angle to yield a wedge that tapers from bottom to top. Bevel siding can be installed horizontally, and it also intersections to let a signature shadow line outcome.

Shake Siding

Cedar shakes provide homes with a more rustic appearance due to their irregular and rough appearance than shingles’ clean outlines. Cedar shakes are mainly common in coastal homes. Also, you can install employing either a double and single course method.

Channel siding

Channel siding type of cedar siding is installed diagonally, vertically, and horizontally. With this type, every board partly joins with the next, hence producing a “channel” effect. This kind of cedar siding has an adaptive nature regarding the expansion and shrinkage because of moisture and temperature conditions.

Groove and Tongue Siding

Common as an indoor paneling and outdoor siding choice, groove and tongue cedar siding is designed to be installed easily and be more of a flush look. You can install the groove and tongue diagonally, vertically, and horizontally.

Shingle Siding

Providing a refined and decorative look, shingles are sold in various sizes, shapes, textures, and widths. Shingle sidings may be installed utilizing a single coursing technique, where they can be laid out on top of one another, such as shingles on a roof. Also, a double coursing method can be employed, where the shadow line is much more noticeable since under coursing shingles are positioned with the shingles. 

Cedar Siding Maintenance 

Cedar has natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, letting you leave the wood untreated without the worry of cracking, rotting, and excess warping. It does weather, though, changing color through time, providing a much more rugged look compared to stained cedar siding offers. For people who love the stained look, cedar needs more maintenance compared to many woods. To maintain the style the way it is installed and first stained, you will have to re-paint and to re-stain semi-annually. 

Whether you stain or allow your cedar to weather naturally, basic maintenance is necessary. Similar to any exterior, you will get additional years out of your siding if your yearly pressure removes the siding. Maintenance can be done by hiring an expert cleaning company, an equipment rental company, or a rental from a local hardware store. 

Cedar Siding Buying Guide

Cedar Siding Buying GuideWhen buying cedar siding as well as considering the type of style that is interested in, it is vital to establish the exposure of the siding. This means when you are overlapping every siding piece and the siding surface that will be visible. Other aspects of cedar siding are based on your local construction codes. Ensure that any siding projects you are planning comply with the codes.

Along with selecting the kind of siding you choose, you will want to choose the width and lengths of cedar siding, usually ranging from 8′-16’ a piece. 

When ordering, it is typically a good idea to buy a bit more than your calculations say you want to ensure you are not short because of allowable damage.

It is recommended that you hire a professional to assist you with the installation of cedar if you are not experienced. Paying for a specialized installation saves you resources in the long run since they will make sure that you have a high-quality fitting that lasts. Contact FTC Oury Group now for siding installation services!

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Why choose cedar siding?

Care and maintenance of wood shake and shingle siding

There is no substitute for the authentic look, scent and feel of cedar siding. It is warm, inviting, and exquisite. It is also a natural thermal insulator, meaning lower energy bills.  

Cedar siding is pitch and resin-free, opening the door to an unlimited number of color options with the stains, oils and finishes that match your home’s landscape. Furthermore, the options for a unique board and batten pattern are limitless.

In addition, cedar is one of the most sustainable siding materials available. It produces the least pollution, waste, and greenhouse gas in the manufacturing process. In fact, the Western Red Cedar we use is harvested only from sustainably managed forests.  

Western Red Cedar

We use genuine Western Red Cedar for every project. It’s dependability, durability, and versatility truly make it one-of-a-kind. It is renewable and bio-degradable, making it superior to synthetic products in almost every way.   

Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to many elements and invaders. Insects, rot and mildew have a hard time finding a home in your home with top quality cedar siding. Whether you want full protection or an accent area to add character, Western Red Cedar is the only way to go.   

Cedar Siding Installation

Cedar Siding Installation

Properly installed and maintained, cedar siding can deliver decades of protection and beauty. In addition, you have peace of mind knowing your home is made of sustainable, environmentally superior, energy-efficient materials. However, it is critical to hire an experienced and reliable siding contractor who specializes in cedar to install it.

FTC Oury Group, LLC has helped hundreds of homeowners remodel and accent the exterior of their home with cedar siding. We serve the residents of Carol Stream, St. Charles, Wheaton, Naperville, and surrounding areas. Our team is knowledgable, thorough, and skilled in the art of exterior renovations. Contact us today for a free quote!

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