June 10, 2018

Your outdoor gathering space is an extension of your home.

When you have company over and entertain, this space becomes a reflection of you. It’s where you’ll enjoy the summer weather, and where you will laugh, cry, love, eat and have fun. Make it someplace special.

Below are a few ways to transform your outdoor gathering space into a place that you’ll love to gather and entertain.

6 Tips to Design an Extraordinary Outdoor Gathering Space

It’s About Nature

Don’t ruminate over the physical details to the point where you forget that you are outdoors to enjoy the nature. When you design your outdoor gathering area, consider the trees, flowers, and water. Consider installing a pond for a natural focal point.

Consider All Uses

If you plan on entertaining during the summer months, details like natural shade will be important. Make sure eves, trees and other details can help people feel comfortable. Adding an outdoor oven can keep you from overheating the kitchen – and you won’t have to leave the party to cook.

Lighting Sets the Mood

The right lighting can bring your outdoor gathering space to life. It can accentuate the details of your design and make it feel warm and inviting.

Keep Durability in Mind

The materials you use will face long exposures to sun, wind, and rain. It’s important to choose building materials that will continue to look great long after they’ve been exposed to northern Illinois weather patterns.

Get Creative

Can you work in curved lines? Can you create a design that truly reflects the character of your home? The more unique and unexpected the details in your outdoor gathering space, the more pleasing it will feel.

Need inspiration? Check out Country Living’s 65+ Inspiring Ways to Update Your Porch and Patio!

The Outdoor Appearance of Your Home

The look of your home is an important consideration as you construct a stunning outdoor gathering area. It’s no fun staring at siding or soffits that desperately need to be replaced. As you work out the details, don’t overlook what new siding can do for the area.

You can make your home into the outdoor summer hub of the neighborhood. Make it a place that your friends and family will truly enjoy spending time! If you have any questions or would like to discuss a siding project, contact us today!

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