What Are Double-Hung Windows?

Disadvantages of double-hung windowsDouble-hung simply means that the windows can open either from the bottom of the top. This is in comparison to the single-hung windows which open only from the bottom.  Double-hung windows are rectangular traditional and simple windows that have a lower and an upper sash. 

Sometimes, the glass in the sashes can be made from several panes that are divided by grids, or as commonly known, ‘muntins’. These are dividers separating the panes. Some windows however are made up of one pane on each sash.

A double-hung window gives the homeowner the option of opening either half of the window for ventilation as both sashes are able to move up and down. Homeowners with small children have the option of opening the upper part of the window to allow ventilation while leaving the lower sash closed. This increases security for children and even pets. 

These windows are convenient to the users due to the fact that one can open the desired sash, either top or bottom depending on their circumstances, and still enjoy good ventilation.

 Modern double-hung windows allow tilting of both stashes inward for a better cleaning experience.

Because the sashes on double-hung windows need to move up and down independently for the window to open or close, the double-hung window has a thicker casing than is found on the single-hung windows. Despite being different in the way they work, the double and single-hung windows look similar and one may not tell the difference if they are untrained in matter windows. 

The sashes are slide-in tracks that are built in the frame and held in position by either friction, springs, or counterweights.  A latch is used to lock the sashes shut at the meeting point of both. Double-hung windows often have window grids or simulated divided lights.  A double-hung window with a top sash that is narrower than the bottom sash is known as a cottage window. 

The double-hung window makes a classic beautiful addition to the home. Before deciding on the best windows to have for your home, double or single hung, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both and make an informed choice. 

A double-hung window has an advantage over single-hung windows in the cleaning aspect. Because the single-hung window has a stationary top sash, it is more difficult to clean compared to the double-hung window whose top and bottom sashes can tilt, allowing for easy cleaning. 

How Double-Hung Windows Work

To easily move the upper sash, you need to pull down on the sash by exerting downward pressure to the rails or ‘muntins.’ To raise the lower sash, you only need to push the rails from beneath. 

The newest types of double-hung windows come with latches that allow the homeowner to lean the windows out from their tracks, which enables for easier cleaning of the sashes from inside the house, making it convenient and safe.

Advantages and Disadvantages 

Advantages of Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows cost

  • Adds more value to the homeBecause of their functionality, the double-hung windows are more desirable than any other type of windows and can have a higher return on investment in the sense of added home value. 
  • Safer- It is safer to clean double-hung windows because the way they are designed allows the homeowner to clean the windows without leaving the house. 
  • Easy to maintain- These windows allow the sashes to tilt, which makes it easier to clean the outside of the windows making it easy to maintain the exteriors of the windows.
  • Easy to use- It is easy to open and close the windows to control the temperature in the house, let out strong odors, and bring in the fresh air. 

Disadvantages of Double Hung Windows

  • Expense- Due to their functionality, double-hung windows are more expensive to buy and install than single-hung windows or any other type of windows. 
  • Ventilation is limited- Due to the fact that at any one point, half of the window is covered by sashes, it is limiting when it comes to ventilation.
  •  Not always airtight- Due to the fact that they are built on separate tracks, the sashes are separated and may not be as airtight as single hung windows 

Double Hung Window Installers

When choosing the best windows to install in your home, it is always wise to look at the pros and cons of the different windows and ensure that you can overlook the cons of the windows you choose. For a better shopping and installation experience, reach out to FTC Oury Group at (630) 686-7618 and we will help you choose the best windows for your home and also install them for you. 

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