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Like all of Chicagoland, Elmhurst suffers through snow, rain, wind, and hail that is hard on the exterior of your home or business. We offer a wide variety of services to help maintain your exterior and protect your most valuable possession.

Our services include:

  • All types of exterior repairs – roofs, gutters, siding, etc.
  • Leak detection
  • Insurance work
  • New roof installation (Flat, Shingle, Tile, Cedar, Slate and Metal Roofing)
  • Masonry/Tuckpointing
  • Storm damage roof repair
  • Siding, soffit, fascia and gutter repair
  • Quality replacement windows

Our local experts will give you a detailed written estimate on your home, business, apartment, or institution. Our professionals then perform roofing repairs or new roofing in a timely and professional manner. We will thoroughly clean your job site and completely haul away all debris.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured to work in Elmhurst, and have a 24-hour answering service.

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When you consider which roofing materials to use for a building, or are you trying to explain the benefits of a specific material to a developer, you must talk about thermal insulation.

In very basic terms, the roof’s goal is to get adverse weather away from the occupants of a building. This means protecting the internal structure from moisture, wind, and external temperatures.

This is why refractory and heat insulation roofing materials have been a big focus on companies like FTC Oury recently. There was a clear purpose of finding a material with excellent thermal insulating properties and something that had the strength to withstand high temperatures.

When you hear about thermal insulation, it concerns the transfer of thermal energy between two different objects that have different temperatures. Naturally, there will be a flow of heat between two surfaces of differing temperatures.

When you have thermally insulating roofing materials, they give a protective layer of insulation that reduces the heat transfer that occurs. Thermal radiation will be reflected instead of the lower temperature object holding onto this heat.

Multilayer composite thermal insulation materials improve heat insulation more than a single basic material, which is why the FTC Oury roofing system is multi-layered with the amazing Microcell technology. It also provides a significant level of strength to the structure as a whole.

As well as essential in terms of the internal temperatures of a building, thermal insulation plays a massive role in the energy consumption of a structure, something which has become a huge talking point in recent times when it comes to the design of a structure.
Comprehensive roofing services in Elmhurst
A building that is well insulated thermally will be more energy-efficient, which will save money for the owner of the building; the temperatures internally will be more uniform and comfortable, especially when external temperatures are very high or low. You will also save on the recurring expense that is heating or cooling a building utilizing equipment and its upkeep and maintenance. Overall, the carbon footprint of the building will be decreased.

This roofing material is resistant to both hail and UV rays. The FTC Oury paneling has been independently tested to prove the claim that it can withstand even the more inclement weather conditions. The specialized coating means that harmful UV rays will no longer damage the interior or exterior surfaces of the structure. The coating on the panels diffuses even the harshest sunlight, rendering it obsolete in terms of the damage it inflicts. The firmly woven plastic means that hail will bounce off the surface and leave no visible or structural damage.

At FTC Oury, we have put a lot of work into the roofing material used in our systems, utilizing the very best in Microcell technology. This is what helps to limit the amount of weathering that occurs over time on the roofs that use our system, which saves money in the long run.

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