November 6, 2022

Winterizing your roof is one of the most important steps you can take in preparing for the cold suburban Chicago winters. Performing winter roof maintenance tasks before the cold weather sets in can help you stay prepared for when it does. It can also prevent damage from ice dams or leaking.

Replace Loose Or Broken Shingles

Shingles that are loose or broken can lead to roof leaks or water damage as the winter weather presses on. Loose shingles can blow away in strong winds. Water can seep underneath the broken or damaged shingles and eventually make its way further into the home.

Inspect And Repair Flashing

The purpose of flashing is to prevent water damage in your home by diverting water from certain areas of your roof. It’s important to make sure the flashing is in good condition around the chimney and roof valleys and overhangs because those are common areas for ice dams.

Inspect Or Replace the Old Caulk

It’s important to replace the caulk, especially around vent pipes, chimneys, or counterflashing. New caulk will be able to expand and contract helping to keep key areas of your roof dry. It’s important to remove old caulk before placing a new layer. This can be done by using a screwdriver to lightly scrape the old layer first.

Trim Nearby Trees

Tree branches that hang over your home represent a threat to your roof. High winds or storms could cause the branches to break and cause damage. If the branches prove too high, you may need to hire a tree service to take care of it.

Add A Heat Cable

Before the first snowfalls, you can add a heat cable that helps to keep the roof warm and limit the precipitation buildup in certain areas of the roof.

Snow Removal

It’s important to clear snow after a significant precipitation. When the snow is allowed to sit on the roof it creates an excess of moisture when the temperature rises. A snow rake can help you keep the areas near the chimney and overhangs clear, and help prevent ice dams. If you don’t want to get on the roof or use a ladder, an experienced roofing company can help you with this service.

Add Additional Insulation

Take a look for missing or damaged insulation within the attic. When there isn’t enough insulation, hot air from inside the home moves into the attic. Proper insulation prevents ice damming, maintains the desired temperatures, and keeps air from escaping. In the process, it also saves you money.

Hire A Professional Roofing Company

Even when you prepare for the weather, you may still find yourself in need of an experienced contractor for roof repair.

If any of these projects sound like they might be above your skill set you can hire a professional roofing company to help you with the standard winter roof maintenance tasks. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help!

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