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Garden windows customization optionsFTC Oury Group offers garden windows made to specifically add dimension and character to the exterior of your home. They project outwards from your home creating a space that allows you to showcase your herbs and plants and other unique decorative pieces. Garden windows are ideal for your kitchen and they can also feature operable windows on the sides for extra ventilation. 

Garden windows open up your space to provide a uniquely beautiful setting suitable for décor, collectibles, and plants. Kitchen windows are ideal for new homes, remodeling projects, den makeovers, baths, or kitchens. They feature twin sealing side vents that open up at 90 degrees allowing for maximum ventilation, while the locking systems add to the security of your home. Whether installing new windows or replacing the old ones, you should consider garden windows as they act as a focal point for your home. 

Why Choose Garden Windows?

Garden windows protrude outwards creating a visual appeal and additional space. They offer exposure to the sun from the three sides, adding more natural light to your home. Do you have potted plants and herbs and do not know where to display them? Then a garden window is a good solution to this problem. You can showcase your gardening skills on these windows while still maintain a unique look in your home. 

Garden windows are versatile, making them ideal for any style of home. You can install them within the breakfast nook or above the kitchen sink to add that eye-catching accent. 

Garden Windows Features

  • They are designed for remodeling and new construction applications
  • They have fiberglass screens that allow you to keep out pests and let in airflow
  • They have a maximum in-built water drainage system, enabled by the deadlights and vents.
  • They have steel and aluminum reinforcements to increase structural performance. 
  • They have long-term durability provided by the welded PVC vinyl frame. 

Garden Window Customization Options

FTC Oury Group offers a variety of garden window options. You can choose from a replacement garden window or new construction garden window styles to suit the style of your home. You can also choose from a variety of colors to complement the color theme of your home’s interior and exterior. Choose the best grille system and hardware finish for the windows. 

You can also customize your glass pane choice to add a functional solution to your house. Our high-performance energy options are engineered to improve noise reduction, privacy, safety, and comfort.

Vinyl Garden Windows

Vinyl windows are energy-efficient and low-maintenance that you can count on. Vinyl is resistant to adverse weather and can withstand damage caused by elements such as rain and scorching sun. Our vinyl materials have a long-lasting color feature that retains the beauty of your home, giving you years of service. 

How Much do New Construction Garden Windows Cost?

Vinyl garden windowsThe cost of garden windows, either as replacements or new installations depends highly on customized features you choose such as window grilles, color, and glass. You can choose from several options, engineered with distinct features to suit your aesthetic and functional preferences. Replacing garden windows will cost a bit more than new installations but generally, the replacement option will offer lengthier warranty coverage. 

Are you a homeowner looking to replace your old windows or install new windows for your home?

Or are you looking for additional space in your home to showcase your gardening skills? Then garden windows are your perfect solution.

Installing garden windows allows you to add more space in your home while letting in fresh air from the outside.

In addition to all these benefits, the garden window also gives you a good view of the outside to allow you to enjoy unobstructed scenery. 

Seek Professional Advice from Us

 For consultation on the best garden window types to install in your newly built home or replace old windows, reach out to FTC Oury Group on (630) 686-7618 and we will guide you through the pros and cons of all window types to ensure that you settle for a type that will offer you a unique, energy-efficient and architecturally attractive focal point to your home. 

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