Hardie Panel SidingThe Ultimate Guide to Hardie Board Siding 

Your buildings just would not be similar without their sidings.

Exterior siding adds color and texture to your home. It is also your building’s first line of protection against the basics. That is why it is so annoying when affordable siding materials worsen and leave your home compromised.

When property owners have an ugly experience with poor-quality siding, they usually go searching for an excellent choice. For most, the answer is fiber cement siding. This common siding material is easily customizable and very durable for different looks.

For property owners who need the best fiber cement siding, Hardie board siding is the best performing siding of every time. This is also called Hardie Panel and Hardie Plank, and it is more durable compared to other sidings. 

In this article, we will explore why Hardie board siding is common and things you should know prior to upgrading your home’s siding to fiber cement.

Advantages of Hardie Board Siding

Hardie Board Siding StylesHardie board siding is the most preferred kind of siding to many residents of the United States. There is no other siding that provides a lot of incredible advantages like the ways Hardie board siding does. This siding material has unmatched value in the construction sector.  

Sidings of many homes in the country do face numerous challenges such as high winds, hail, rain, humidity, cold winters, and hot summers. Lesser siding can suffer from pest damage. Besides, many homes require sidings that can withstand all forces of nature. 

James Hardie has explored the impacts of weather on siding and developed a HardieZone system. The HardieZone system takes into consideration various environments across the United States and recommends various types of Hardie board siding for where you reside. James Hardie recommends HZ5 products to deal with the wet and freezing conditions.

Most homeowners require a siding that provides a good return, is attractive, and that is cost-effective. Hardie board siding provides people with the following benefits:  

  • Customizable style: Hardie board sidings are of various textures, colors, and styles, and they can meet the preferences of every homeowner. 
  • Energy-efficient: With exceptional insulation, Hardie board siding lowers your energy expenses.
  • Fade-resistant: The color of the Hardie board does not fade because of UV rays due to the ColorPlus technology.
  • Flame-resistant: The siding doesn’t ignite or melt like wood and metal siding, thus protecting your home from fire.
  • Increases the value of your home: Potential homebuyers recognize the value of Hardie board siding 
  • Longevity: This siding material lasts over 50 years compared to the average siding. 
  • Low insurance expenses: Most property owners’ insurance carriers provide discounts for fire-resistant and durable Hardie board sidings.
  • It requires low maintenance: The siding material requires in order to be sprayed off after a few years to keep its attractive appearance.
  • Pest-resistant: This siding material is not attractive to pests such as bugs and woodpeckers; hence they do not attack your house.  
  • Rot-resistant: The siding material doesn’t decay or let moisture in to rot the structure of your home. 
  • Sustainability: Hardie board siding is a recyclable and environmentally friendly product.
  • Weather-resistant: This siding material stands up to extreme temperatures, high wind effects, hail, and moisture.

Hardie Board Siding Styles, Near Me

Hardie board siding comes in many colors, textures, and classic styles, which can be easily customized to create a look that a homeowner needs.

If you are considering Hardie board siding, hire a trusted siding company to look at the numerous styles of this product:

  • Versatile HardieTrim boards
  • Sleek HardiePlank lap and top-selling siding
  • Cape Cod-style HardieShingle siding

To get the best James Hardie outlook for your home, attempt the James Hardie Home Visualizer Tool, which will help you visualize various siding styles as well as colors.

Proper Installation of Hardie Board Siding

Installation of Hardie Board SidingAn excellent product such as this needs a careful installation process so as to make sure property owners enjoy all the advantages their new siding has to provide. Luckily, the process of Hardie board installation is simple.

Your siding company can elucidate the project’s details, but generally, the process will look as follows:

  • Your current siding material can be discarded or removed
  • Trim, if needed, is applied last to complete the look.
  • They will start the installation of siding boards from the lowest part of your building and working up, layering new boards over the old course of boards in order to conceal the nails.
  • The company will install a starter strip to determine the right angle for other boards as well as create a drip edge at the bottom of the building.

Not all siding companies know how to install Hardie siding; thus, you should ask about their experience prior to signing a contract. A qualified Hardie board siding contractor such as FTC Oury Group can help you select the correct siding materials for your requirements, install them properly, stay within budget, as well as within schedule. 

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