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Itasca roofing and repairs are conducted by the most experienced and well-known roofing company: FTC Oury. We are Itasca’s leading commercial roofing contractor for high-performance roofing systems for commercial, residential, and industrial properties. We have merited the designation of GAF Certified Weather Stopper Roofing for residential roofing in Illinois and GAF master Select designation for commercial roofing in Illinois. We provide the industry’s most comprehensive customer support, installation, and repair services.

Re-Roofing or Tear Off Roofing Services for Your Home in Itasca

Installing a new roof on your home is most times caused by the natural elements from the weather: wind, sun, rain, and those spring storms. Let’s not forget those branches that are hanging low that rub against the roofing system. Shingles contain granules that come loose, exposing the roofing shingles to additional wear. Even shake roofs grow weaker when tree branches rub, causing the shakes to become loose and fall off. Be sure to have FTC Oury inspect your roofing system as part of your home’s maintenance routine. We offer comprehensive services for the best life of your roof.

Roof Repairs on Your Home in Itasca

Roof leaks, damaged or missing vents, missing shingles, or sheet metal repairs are areas that FTC Oury can bring your roofing system back into working order.

Roof Repairs on Your Industrial Building or Commercial Property in Itasca

Loose vents, roof leaks, or even missing roofing pieces can happen any time of the year. FTC Oury works to quickly fix your roof so you can focus on your business. We’ll show you where the problems are on your roof and alert you to any problems that may develop in the future. Keep FTC Oury’s phone number handy when you need a roofing professional to fix your roof. Simply contact us!

Common Roof Repair

  • Replacing or repairing the broken tile.
  • Fixing broken shingles.
  • Locking down a leak.
  • Repairing foam roofing.
  • Helping a flat roof drain water.
  • Dark spots on the roof.

Roof Repair and Safety

Comprehensive roofing services in Itasca

  1. Roof repair should be complete on a sunny day when the roof is completely dry. A wet roof is typically slippery and very dangerous.
  2. Safety measures must be adhered to for any roof repairs, always use safety ropes.
  3. On a steep roof, use a ladder to offer secure anchoring.
  4. Rubber-soled shoes should be worn when working on a roof.
  5. The location of power should be born in mind when working on a roof.

Advantages of Regular Roof Repairs:

Extends the Lifespan of your Roof:

Quality roofing materials have a functional life of 15-25 years. However, the lifespan of any roofing is relative. If you live in an area where there are extreme weather conditions, it is important to schedule maintenance frequently.

Identify Weak Points on the Roof Immediately:

With regular maintenance, a professional can determine which area of your roof may need replacing and fixing. It means that you can avoid more expensive damages and repair them immediately before it worsens. Experts use a variety of ways to identi if parts of your roof are in bad shape. Sometimes, you won’t have to take action instantly, but knowing the task which needs to be fixed means you can prepare for it financially and repair it at the right moment.

Regular Clean-up:

Pollution can affect your roof and cause decay and damage. Leaves can stick in the gutter and cause rainwater to look for other flow areas. Twigs, bird droppings, nesting, etc. can also stick to your roof and cause damage and disease. Scheduling regular maintenance can help you prevent problems in the future.

Our team of roofing experts will show you what we’ve done and alert you to any areas on your roof that may need attention. Keep FTC Oury’s phone number handy when you need a roofing professional to fix your roof. Or simply contact us!

New Roof on Your Commercial Property or Industrial Building

Best roofing services in Itasca

FTC Oury works with management companies, industrial organizations, and commercial buildings where we can completely tear off your existing roof system or re-roof over the existing roof only if conditions allow. We will help you to determine which commercial roof will best meet your needs for budget, durability, energy savings, energy efficiency, and environmental impact. Our team of commercial roofers has the experience needed to install a roofing system that will protect from the elements of weather, foot traffic, and anything else that may come our way. Learn more about our energy star commercial roofing systems.

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