Lake County Roofing

Lake County Roofing

FTC Oury Group is your full-service contractor whom you can depend on for affordable and quality roofing services in Lake County. We can handle any sized project, from extensive commercial roof installation services to residential roof repairs in Kendall  County. Whether it’s getting the required roofing materials, architectural plan, or professional installation, you can be assured that your new roof will be made to endure the test of time. Read on to find out more about our roofing services.

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Many individuals wonder how much it costs to install a new roof. If you need a new roof, or if your roof is leaking, reach out to us. Once you contact us, an FTC Oury Group professional will meet with you and offer you a no-obligation price quote after carefully examining your decking and roof. We will give you a drawing of the roofing procedure to assist you in understanding the stages involved in obtaining a high-quality roof.
We estimate the price of hauling away and tearing off your old roof using a template. If need be, we will replace the decking, secure new felt, and put on a new drip edge before installing the roof you chose
Our insured and licensed team of roofing specialists has extensive experience working on residential and commercial roofing. We work with attention to detail and efficiency, which is only possible with many years of replacing and repairing roofs. Our goal is to give you similar quality of service we would expect if our own roof is installed or repaired.

Quality Roof Installation Services in Lake County

Many people in Lake County probably see a roof installation as little more than a necessary evil; however, it’s actually about more than that. Capitalizing on the right roof is the greatest way to protect your building and its valuable contents. In addition, choosing the correct roof is vital, not just for the protection it offers but also for the enhancement in curb appeal.
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A new roof increases your home’s value, and if you ever decide to sell, your roof will be a key factor that possible buyers will consider. Installing a new roof is also beneficial because it adds an exceptional look to your business and home that you just can’t attain with other kinds of improvement plans.

Roof Replacement Company in Lake County

Acquiring a new roof is surely an expense, but if you select the right contractor and the correct materials, a well-installed new roof is an expense that will pay dividends – and even save you cash – in the long run. New roof installations are one of the most resourceful home enhancement investments you can make, with a 67 to 70 percent return on investment. Here at FTC Oury Group, we focus on all major kinds of roof fixings, including metal, shingles, slate, wood shakes, tile, flat roofing, and more.
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Roof Replacement Company in Lake County

Your roof is probably very old, and you are aware that you need to replace it. This is one choice you actually shouldn’t postpone. Choosing to go ahead and replace your roof now can save you from facing more pains down the road!
Unsure of what your roof actually needs? Reach out to FTC Oury Group today to schedule a consultation and roof inspection anywhere in DuPage County! We’re ready to help, and we’d be glad to help you examine your roof’s existing state and help you consider your replacement choices.
The most obvious reasons that cause people to consider replacing your roof are the tolls of weather over time and storm damage. One more advantage of replacing your roof is it makes your house more good-looking or forms a more attractive aesthetic for your building. This is also a vital stage in making a house ready for sale and helping realize a higher onward sale value.
FTC Oury Group uses only the best resources, and our expert technicians do the job right the first time! Our established relationships and great artistry with top manufacturers permit us to offer some of the quality roofing warranties obtainable. Reach out to us for quality roof replacement services.

Lake County Roof Repairs Experts

Ever had an unpleasant experience that, looking back, you now know you could’ve avoided if you’d just taken action to solve the problem sooner? We’ve all been there. You’ve possibly had to learn the hard way time and again. Regrettably, roof repairs tend to fall under the category of things that people like to postpone – but when they do, the outcome is frequently one of those unpleasant experiences that could’ve been dodged!

What people dread most when engaging a roofing contractor is being told that their roof needs to be totally replaced. Frequently, that dread is well-placed as numerous roofing contractors make it an ordinary practice to tell their repair clients that a roof replacement is their only choice, even when it truly isn’t.

FTC Oury Group does business in a different way. We’re pleased to offer quality roof repair services for our clients, and we’ll only propose you consider total roof replacement if that would really be the greatest solution for you. We provide free estimates for roof repairs, and we guarantee our work by offering a 2-year service contract for any area we repair.

If your commercial building or home needs a roof repair, a small unattended problem can swiftly turn into a huge problem. Be proactive and give us a call. We’d be happy to help!

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At FTC Oury Group, we offer the best roofing services in DuPage County. We are a full-service remodeling company that is A+ rated with BBB. We use quality roofing materials from leading manufacturers and make sure that we enhance and preserve the appearance of your house.
We also have extensive experience working on roof repairs, installation, and replacement. Reach out to us today at (630) 866-6888 for your quality roof repairs, replacement, and installation services.

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