Mastic Vinyl SidingMastic Vinyl Siding 

During the manufacture of vinyl siding, no corporation in the world that beats Mastic. A PlyGem brand has been manufacturing high-quality vinyl siding for many years, supplying property owners with a product that is aesthetically pleasing, protective, and durable.

If you are searching for Mastic vinyl siding, then FTC Oury Group has you covered. We have installed Mastic siding for many property owners, offering nothing short of high-quality service all along the way. Ask about Mastic siding installation by contacting FTC Oury Group now!

A Bevy of Styles

Mastic vinyl siding is offered in numerous styles, all of which provide something just a little different in regard to aesthetics. You can choose from the following.

Lap Siding

Usually known as horizontal clapboard siding. Lap siding spreads horizontally across a building. Lap siding is wider than it stands high, and it is the most common style of siding across the globe.

Lap siding is called lap siding since it intersects, with every panel of siding covering about 1 inch of the panel beneath it. A slanting siding, lap siding is heavier on its bottom than it is on its top.

Vertical Siding

Mastic Vinyl Siding Styles

Rightly named, vertical siding tends to extend vertically across the exterior face of a home. Since it is fairly scarcely employed in residential buildings, it possesses an original and unique look.

Typically known as batten siding and board, vertical siding doesn’t come in narrow, long panels but in large, expansive boards. Vertical siding is easy to install and maintain, making it the best choice for people who need to add aesthetics to their houses. 


Shakes are completely different from both lap and vertical siding. Shakes are overlapped and staggered on top of each other, causing a visual impact that is utterly and completely unique.

Even though shakes were conventionally made out of cedarwood, Mastic makes their shakes from vinyl. Nevertheless, this is not to say that they look similar to vinyl. 

Colors Galore

It does not matter the color of siding you are searching for; we have it in stock. Mastic endeavors to provide as many aesthetic options, producing all kinds of siding in various kinds of colors. Whether you want gray, green, black, blue, and Mastic siding has you covered.

Mastic Warranty

Mastic is among the most trustworthy siding manufacturers across the globe. It stands behind all products that they manufacture. Due to this, they provide producer’s warranties on all of their sidings.

A large number of sidings offered by Mastic is sold with a VIP Limited Lifetime Warranty, precisely. The warranty covers damages that may occur to Mastic siding due to production mishaps. As stipulated in the name of the warranty, coverage exists for the entire life of the shopper.  

Time for Installing New Siding 

Siding Installation

Typically, there are periods when the necessity for new siding makes itself plaintively clear– it is easy to know when you are tired of the exterior look of your home. Nevertheless, if that is not the case in your construction, you might have to get a closer inspection to make the call. Holes, cracks, rotting, warping, and extensive mildew are reasons to replace your siding. By extensive, we mean that the issue extends over half the home– for smaller parts, a partial repair can work.

In the meantime, you can also complete a quick test to check the brittleness of the siding: take advantage and gingerly pull it away from your house. In case it warps, cracks, and comes away easily, it may be time to replace. Other common signs of damage comprise bubbles in the siding if your house needs to be repainted very often.

Purchase Mastic Siding from FTC Oury Group

FTC Oury Group is one of the top siding companies in the United States. At FTC Oury Group, we obtain our siding materials from only the top of dealers, one of them being Mastic. We understand that, by installing Mastic siding on a client’s home, we are offering that house with ample or plentiful insulation and protection and with a stunningly elegant aesthetic.

Whether you are just intending to purchase Mastic siding or are concerned about having an expert install it for you, our experts can assist. We provide many siding from Mastic and offer guaranteed installations. All our siding fittings always come with a warranty, thus making sure that all the services we offer you are of exceptional quality. 

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