Pella Doors and Windows

Doors and windows serve the critical purpose of shielding against unwanted intruders, pests, weather elements. Nonetheless, they also frame our views.

Regardless of the design of your house, Pella has numerous options to give your home a standout look.

If you are looking to update your doors and windows, you should consider things before making your choice.

Things to Consider For Pella Windows and Doors

Pella casement windows and doorsIf you haven’t changed your doors and windows in the recent past, you possibly have no idea about the numerous different options that Pella is offering. The most popular types of windows are double-hung and single-hung windows.

  • Safety mostly influences your choice of doors and windows. If you have pets and children, it becomes even more critical.
  • Maintenance and cleaning help your doors and windows be more durable. Some windows turn out to be more problematic to clean compared to others, and depending on the material and window you pick; maintenance can be easy.
  • The style and appearance of doors and windows significantly improve the curb appeal of a home. Specific doors and windows add different kinds of looks, like classical, modern, or traditional.
  • Installation and costs are vital considerations when selecting a door or window style. Various items take longer to install, depending on the door or window’s weight and size.

Doors and Windows for Different Kinds of Houses

If you wish to modify your home’s exterior appearance, changing doors and windows is among the ways to improve the look. We can advise you on which features, colors, and styles to pick.


This type of home combines various classic architectural designs like Georgian style, Cape Cod as well as Colonial-style houses. Such homes feature a classic appearance and are generally built of stucco, stone, or brick. They commonly have proportionally fitted windows of an identical style.

When picking windows for such a home, consider double-hung windows with two window sashes in a single frame, and offer a great look.


These types of homes feature unembellished window choices, flat roofs, an asymmetrical design, and clean lines. Such homes are mostly exposed to sunlight and primarily cultivate on skylight windows. Additional window styles that go well with this type of home are casement, sliding, and fixed windows.


Such homes feature exposed beams on the home’s interior and exterior, porches with a thick column, and low-pitched roofs. Their entry doors are made from solid wood with a divided-light window on top or decorative glass. Stained glass windows are also in keeping with the home’s design.

Should you Replace Your Pella Windows and Doors?

Pella windows lowes and storesNot sure whether you should replace your Pella doors or windows? Below are a few indicators that should make you know whether you need new Pella doors and windows.

Cold or Hot Air

Drafty doors and windows show that there’s a problem. The cold air of winter and hot air of summer shouldn’t penetrate through your closed doors and windows. The seals around doors and windows wear with time and require to be replaced.

Splitting and Peeling Paint:

Window degradation starts typically at the sill and door degradation at the bottom rail. Splitting wood and peeling paint permits moisture to enter the wood, causing it to rot.

Difficulty Closing or Opening Your Windows 

Doors and windows should lock, close and open without a problem. Windows cannot remain open on their own; it becomes potentially hazardous.

In case your windows or doors are not functioning accordingly, you should contact our FTC Oury Group’s skilled Pella door and window installer.

Advantages of Pella Doors and Windows

New doors and windows are an investment, and you may be questioning whether it’s worth the cost. Changing your doors and windows can have good results, create a quick home makeover, and improve energy efficiency.

Cost-effective Home Makeover

Updating your doors and windows is a cost-effective way to convert both the interior and exterior of your house at a go. High-quality doors and windows will lessen outside noise and increase your home’s privacy when correctly installed.

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Properly insulated windows shield your house from elements and ensure comfort at your home throughout the year. Energy-efficient windows protect your home during winter, remove overall uneven cooling and heating throughout your house, and decrease air conditioning use during summer.

At FTC Oury Group, we have a lot of experience and knowledge about all of Pella’s products. If you don’t know where to begin or what type of Pella doors or windows to pick, let me guide you. Call us now to start your home’s transformation.

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