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Henry Company is the world leader in Building Envelope Systems® that control the flow of water, air, vapor and energy in a building. This includes a full line of silicone roof coatings that can stave off costly roof repairs or roof replacements.

Henry’s roof coatings are elastomeric, fully adhered, fluid applied roofing membranes that provide an unmatched layer of protection and watertight seal. In addition, Henry offers a full line of roofing underlayments and water barriers built to last.


Henry Pro-Grade® cements and sealers deliver premium grade rubberized wet/dry roof protection. From immediate leak repairs to long-term waterproofing solutions, Henry gets it done.


Henry roofing underlayments are the perfect waterproofing solution for sloped surfaces. Every underlayment from Henry meets or exceeds industry standards. Available for use under shingles, shake, slate, metal, and tile roofs.


Engineered to resist damage from soil acids and alkalis, Henry polyester fabrics and reinforcements are unrivaled in their quality and dependability. They don’t absorb moisture so they won’t rot!

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Give Your Roof New Life

Every roof system degrades over time. Henry Pro-Grade Roof Coating Systems helps restore your old roof at 4x the cost savings vs. a roof replacement.

Henry roof coatings stop roof leaks in their tracks. They can be used to cover a storm damaged area, or seal distressed and cracked seams. They can be applied to both residential and commercial roofs, and in many cases, can save the homeowner or business owner tens of thousands of dollars.

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The Henry Company provides ultimate protection with a complete line of Henry Pro-Grade® roof coatings and accessories. These proprietary silicone, acrylic and solvent-based coatings are proven to extend the life of a roof and reduce energy costs. These products serve both commercial and residential applications.

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Silicone coatings seal, protect, and reflect the sun’s heat and UV rays. It is 100% waterproof and creates permanent ponding water resistance. Rain-safe in fifteen minutes. Comes with Henry’s Lifetime limited warranty.


Henry acrylic coating products feature Dirt Pick-Up Resistance (DPR) technology, are mildew and stain resistant, and reflect 80% of the sun’s heat and UV rays after three years. Comes with 12 year limited warranty with one-time application.


Henry offers many multi-purpose solvent-based solutions to provide a solid foundation coating. With strong bonds to clean, cured concrete and corrosion protection, these coatings are flexible, crack-resistant, and industrial-strength.

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