FTC means business.

The safety of occupants and reputation of your business depends on the quality of products and craftsmanship that built and maintain the building. It is a much easier job with a reliable and qualified commercial roofing contractor on speed dial.

Get the peace of mind you deserve with FTC Oury Group as your go-to contractor. We specialize in flat roof repair, roof coatings and preventative maintenance programs to maximize the lifetime of your roof. Furthermore, we provide dependable and cost-conscious roof management for your facility.

Save Time & Reduce Cost

Our job is to provide support and maintenance that cuts operational costs and eliminates preventable repairs or emergencies. We work as partners to your building’s improvement and efficiency.

Industry Know-How

Choosing the right products is as important as knowing how to install those products. Our experienced professionals give guidance and share their expertise to obtain the best outcomes for your bottom line.

Trained Installers

Prevention starts with proper training and continuous education to prevent hazards. FTC makes safety and security the first priority when it comes to working on your facility. We carry the necessary licensing and insurance required for most commercial roofing projects.

10 Year Workmanship Warranty

We are looking to develop a meaningful and important relationship with your business. Our 10 Year Workmanship Warranty shows our commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in our craftsmanship.


Henry Roof Coatings

For dependable flat roof coatings to protect your building, look no further.

Henry Roof Coatings create an unbreakable waterproof barrier for the roof that is guaranteed to last. In addition, it provides seam and joint reinforcement and protection from UV rays.

Applying Henry Roof Coatings can be part of regular maintenance or a solution for repairing minor damage and leaks. It provides an additional layer of protection to expand the lifespan of the existing system.

Roof coatings are designed to have reflective properties and reduce the absorption of heat by the roof. This can lead to lower energy costs for cooling the building, and reduce the need for air conditioning.


Regular roof maintenance is a must for any commercial facility.

The cost of interruption or shut down is too great to leave things to chance.

FTC Oury Group understands the importance of your roof’s integrity. We’ll ensure small leaks and repairable damage don’t become expensive emergency repairs that shut down operation. From acrylic and silicone sealing systems to ice damming prevention, our commercial roofing experts are looking out for your bottom line.


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We are a fully licensed and insured commercial roofing contractor serving DuPage, Will, and Kane counties.

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