What are Single Hung Windows?

A single hung window is similar to a double-hung window, with a top and a bottom sash, except that for the single hung windows, the top sash is fixed and does not open. In a double-hung window, both sashes are operational. 

Single-hung windows are ideal for areas where the top sash would be too hard to reach. They are more energy-efficient and prevent more air infiltration. They are also cost friendlier than the double-hung windows. 

What Are The Key Benefits Of Single Hung Windows?

Disadvantages of single-hung windowsWith their fixed-top feature, the single-hung windows enhance weather resistance for interior comfort and improved energy efficiency. The single-hung windows come in many designs and colors, with glass or hardware options for versatility. To add appeal to your home, the homeowner can also choose to go for the windows with geometric shapes.

The single-hung windows are ideal for single-story homes, as they can be cleaned from inside the house. People that own multi-story homes might, however, need to consider double-hung windows because one can clean both the exterior and interior of the windows from the inside. 

Single-hung windows save a lot of space. This is because they open vertically and do not use up any interior space. They are very ideal for walkways and patios. 

What Home Style Is Best Suited For Single Hung Windows?

The single-hung windows, just like the double-hung windows, are suitable for any home including Tudors, farmhouses, cottages, ranch homes, craftsman homes, Victorians, colonials, and Cape Cods. When choosing the ideal single-hung windows for your home, consider installing a grid pattern as they add a custom touch and completely transform the curb appeal of your home. 

Advantages of the Single Hung Windows.


Since these single-hung windows only open in one direction, it is highly unlikely that one would forget to latch them for the night. The window’s locking system is also very unlikely to fail

Energy Efficiency

With only one movable sash, there is a decreased chance of air infiltration. The single-hung windows increase your home’s energy efficiency as the new models are built with energy-efficient insulation, frames, and glass. With decreased air infiltration chances, the cost of heating and cooling is reduced.  They also prevent wood rotting, water damage, mildew, and molds due to the decreased risk of moisture in the home. 

Space Saving

Cost of single-hung windowsSingle-hung windows are ideal for smaller rooms as they open vertically and do not use up any interior space. They are great to install in guest rooms, bathrooms, and studies, and areas with a high flow of traffic such as hallways and entryways.  They allow for cross breezes and sunlight without eating into the interior space of the room. 

Cost of Single-Hung Windows

The cost of single-hung windows may vary with different manufacturers and depending on the material and style of the windows but a general note, single-hung windows are far more cost-effective than double-hung windows because they have fewer moving parts.


While single hung windows may have only one moving sash, they offer a variety in finishing, shape, trim, wood, and style options Single-hung windows come in the following shapes:

  • Gothic These are windows with a sharper and more defined arch than is with the regular window arches. 
  • Arch – These have the shape of a half-circle at the top.
  • Special shape – These come in various geometric shapes
  • Eyebrow  These have a curved top that looks like a human eyebrow

Why FTC Oury Group for Single Hung Windows

Single-hung windows from the FTC Oury group come with a variety of advantages such as premium material and efficiency 

Single-hung windows provide homeowners with an elegant historic and timeless look, not forgetting the modern-day features. For homeowners interested in installing single-hung windows, you can always contact us directly at  (630) 686-7618 and we will advise on the best design for your home, as well as do the installations for you. 

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