What Is a Slider Window?

Slider windows are windows that open horizontally. These slider windows have two glass panels with one that slides to the side. You can choose which side the window moves, depending on your preference. You can also choose between a double or single pane sliding glass window. Double panes, however, are a good choice as they have two panes and are good for insulation from outside temperatures and noise. 

Types of Slider Windows

Slider windows come in three types. Three pane slider windows, double slider, and single slider. The three-pane sliders feature three panes, with the middle one being stationary and the two side panes that slide. The double slider has two or three glass panes with one that is stationary and two that slide back and forth on the sash.

The single-pane sliders have two-pane, one movable, and one fixed pane. 

Advantages of Slider Windows

Types of slider windowsOne of the major advantages of the slider windows is that they provide a good view of the outside due to the minimal framing. They also are wider than they are longer and give that picture window dimension. Since they move left to right instead of up and down, the slider windows are far much bigger than the double-hung windows.  They open wide as compared to other windows because of their width. 

This is an added advantage to homeowners because they let in lots of fresh air and natural light. 

Despite being large in size, the slider windows are far much more affordable than, say, double-hung windows because they are constructed simply. Sliding windows work by sliding along a track to close or open. Double-hung windows are a bit more expensive as they use a complex pulley system.

They also open and close very easily. For aged homeowners, the slider windows are a great choice due to the accessibility. They are also ideal for hard-to-reach places such as tight hallways and stairwells. As long as the bottom of the window is accessible, you can open it. You don’t have to worry about reaching the top of the window to open it. 

Disadvantages of Slider Windows

While slider windows have many advantages, they also have a few downsides. One is that cleaning the outside of the windows is quite difficult. 

Fortunately, some slider windows can pop or tilt out of the movable pane. While this is good, taking out the slider window any time you need to clean it can be very inconvenient. 

Debris and dirt can also accumulate on the tracks which makes it difficult to open the window. To ensure your windows are functional and in good shape, you need to clean and lubricate the tracks of your slider windows.

You can wipe them down with a damp cloth or use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dirt and debris on the tracks. You can also spray a lubricant in the tracks while sliding the window back and forth.

Some slider windows use a roller system to move back and forth. These may need replacing after several years due to tear and wear. While it is not difficult to replace them, it is still an additional maintenance cost that you have to deal with every few years. 

Disadvantages of slider windowsAnother problem with the slider windows is that water can accumulate on the window sill, which can facilitate the growth of mildew or cause problems with the functionality of the tracks. This problem can be solved by installing windows with drainage holes.

Slider windows can be less energy-efficient as they do not seal as tightly as awning or casement windows do. This is also a security problem. The solution to this is having windows with interlocking meeting rails between the panes.

Hire a Professional for Your Sliding Glass Window Replacement

Are you looking for windows that offer a great view of the outside and also let in a lot of fresh air? You can never go wrong with slider windows. They last for years and only need a little routine maintenance 

If you want your slider windows replaced or installed, reach out to FTC Oury Group at (630) 686-7618 and we will help you make a good choice of slider windows for your home as well as install them for you. 

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