How To Prevent Ice Dams Before It’s Too Late

Icicles can be nature’s finishing touches to our home’s holiday decorations.

But extremely large icicles may be a sign that behind the beautiful frozen decor there is water damage and decay building up. Knowing how to prevent ice dams before it’s too late is essential to maintain the integrity and temperature of your home during the coldest months.

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Heat map of suburban home with list of proven ways to maintain an energy efficient home

Proven Ways to Maintain An Energy Efficient Home

As the chilly Chicago-area temperatures linger into March, it’s a good time to talk about the steps you can take to create an energy efficient home.

As residents of northern Illinois, we are no strangers to extreme temperatures. It requires a significant amount of energy to maintain a comfortable interior during these weather extremes. At times, you may be using more energy than necessary.

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