February 18, 2019

As your siding ages, stains, holes, or other damage may creep in. Vinyl siding repair can be accomplished in a number of ways, some of which are remarkably easy.  

You don’t always need the help of a professional roofing or siding company. Sometimes a simple product from Amazon, or a tutorial from a handyman website will help you accomplish the task at hand.  

When you are having new siding installed, it’s always a good idea to ask them for a few extra pieces of matching siding. With the simple use of a utility knife, these extra pieces can be used to patch for future repairs. But as homeowners, we don’t always think that far ahead.  

Don’t worry. There are other effective ways to fix siding damage that don’t require having excess pieces laying around.  

Below are a few more techniques we’ve found for effective vinyl siding repair;

Color Matched Caulk

Vinyl siding can quickly show signs of wear and tear. It can become brittle and crack. When this happens, it looks terrible and costs a significant amount of money to replace. Color match caulk easily helps you disguise the problem. This is an easy way to hide coloration or damage from screws that have been removed. It’s affordable and typically longlasting.

Repairing exterior siding
Panel beige siding on the facade of a house


This solution works as a simple patch that goes over the impacted area of vinyl. The concept is similar to patching a hole in your jeans. It’s a thin form of PVC that is made to remain consistent with the current texture of your siding. The video on Mendyl’s home page shows how simple this application is.

A Zip Tool

This affordable tool (typically around $5 at the hardware store) can help you take a more traditional approach to the problem. It slides between the between the bottom edges of the siding so that you can easily pop a piece off without causing further damage. This is $5 well spent and allows you to fix the root of the problem. With this video, you’ll understand how to approach the repair.

Replacing a piece of wood siding
Installation of siding on the walls of the house. Construction worker

Tear Aid

This is a tape that is made for vinyl repairs and can be found at most hardware stores. It binds to the siding and creates a weatherproof seal. It helps to clean the surface before you apply this type of tape.

These approaches are ideal for small vinyl siding repair jobs. To have your damage inspected or professionally fixed, contact us today at (630) 866-6888 or visit us in Carol Stream, IL.

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