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Rain gutters on your residential or commercial properties play a crucial role in keeping your property safe from water that could cause damage and flooding. It is easy to desert the gutters, especially when it’s not a rainy season, but when you take so much time before repairing them, it will hike your repair cost. We offer all services related to gutters from repairs, maintenance, and installation at FTC Oury Group. We also fix gutter guards and downspouts. We install and fix both traditional gutters and seamless gutters, depending on your preference. 

Gutter Installation, Near Me

The first step we take is sending our technical team to your property to inspect and estimate the cost of what the installation process will cost you, depending on the size of your property and the kind of gutters you want to be installed. They take you through the different available types, sizes, colors, and models of gutters that we have. They also help you come up with the best decision on what will work best for you. We aim to offer you the best services and products that are going to serve you for a very long time, depending on your needs and budget. 

You have an option of either traditional gutters or seamless gutters. Traditional gutters have seams; their lengths are cut while seamlessly run smooth and have no seams. Seamless gutters are easier to maintain and have lower chances for defaults, such as leaks. However, traditional gutters have higher chances of clogging since leaves and debris can get stuck in the seams affecting the flow of water

Gutter Replacement

Replacement of rain gutters

It is easy to know when it’s time to replace your gutters. However, sometimes it can skip your attention. However, our team can help you identify any problems with your gutter as we offer you our regular gutter cleaning services. Some of the common signs that its time to replace your gutter is:

  • Presence of rust on the gutters. Flecks of rust sign that water is retained in one place for too long and is constantly present there hence an indication of damage. 
  • Peeling paint on the gutters. Paint on the gutters is supposed to withstand wear and tear through all seasons. When they peel, it shows a problem with water flow or flooding around that area. This could be an indication of another problem in the gutter. 
  • Leaking holes and cracks on the gutter. This could lead to flooding in the basement, or it could mess up the adjacent walls as water consistently flows over it as it leaks. Failure to fix small cracks on your gutter will lead to them becoming bigger and causing more damage. It is easy to overlook them when they are small, but the small ones eventually become big. 
  • Separations on the seams. Traditional gutters have seams, and they can get separations as a result of leaves and heavy debris materials flowing from them. When this happens, it necessitates replacement or repair if the damage is not too much. 
  • Damaged screws that are beyond repair. Damaged screws can cause the gutter to sag as it cannot sustain its weight, especially when there are heavy rains or snow falling. 
  • Sagging gutters. This is one of the easiest ways to tell that your gutters need replacement. Gutters should not pull away from the house. Their sagging is an indication that they are holding a lot of water that is retained in them. Implying that there could be debris that is blocking water flow. This could also be a sign that the specific gutter type is not appropriate for your house. 

When you see any of these signs, make it a priority to contact us for gutter repair before the damage gets more prominent.

Gutter Repair

For minor damages to the gutter, gutter repair is the best solution instead of replacement. This saves costs and fixes the problem. When we feel that your gutters can still last another time despite the damage they have, our gutter repair services will come through for you. 

Gutter Cleaning

Rain gutter services

Every once in a while, the gutters should get cleaned to remove the leaves, soil, and debris that could be stuck. This helps with the flow of water and unclogs them. It is of great significance that you maintain your gutters in good condition. 

Contact FTC Oury Group For Your Gutter Rain Services

If you need your rain gutters fixed, installed, cleaned, replaced, or even repaired, we are here for you. We will send a technical team to you to inspect your property for free and discuss it with you. Call FTC Oury Group today. 

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