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Many homeowners don’t really notice the roof over their heads before anything goes wrong, so when that does, it’s crucial to have access to a high-quality residential roofing team

If it’s due to natural aging or extreme storm damage, the professionals at Wayne Residential Roofing will provide you with the roofing facilities you need to keep healthy and prevent expensive flood damage. 

Our roofing contractors are accredited and qualified and rely on quality roofing materials. You will get the roofing supplies you need to keep dry and prevent expensive water damage.

Installing New Roof at Wayne Residential Roofing

For already existing houses, as the need arises, we can add a new roof. When you partner with our team, from the first estimation until we leave your house, you will get the best quality new roof installation with outstanding customer support. 

To complement our roof maintenance and construction facilities, we also provide roof cleaning and chimney flashing to our residential clients. Keeping the roof clean provides a lot of advantages that can help prolong the life of your flashing roof and chimney is a valuable feature and will help keep your house moisture away.

Call our roofing company today for honest and efficient residential roofing in and around Illinois. Our roofing contractors will give you a free estimate so that you know exactly what is happening and how we want to make your roof as good as new.

Wayne Residential Roofing Repair Services

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If your roof shingles were torn off or your metal roof was peeled with hail during a bad storm, we will provide you with a simple, detailed roof repair that will make it all right again.
Taking steps as soon as you see signs of roof damage is often crucial to helping avoid stuff like: 

  • Damage to water 
  • Infestation of insects 
  • Impaired or lost family history 
  • Decreased value of the land 
  • Lower bills for HVAC 
  • Development of mold and mildews 
  • Security challenges and many more.

If your roof has been affected by a hurricane, we will still collaborate with the insurance provider in the most effective manner possible. 

We are also going to make repairs to roofs that show signs of wear and tear or natural aging. Shingles that have begun to fold up, cracks in your shingles, and shingle granules in your gutters are some of the signs that it’s time for roof repairs.

And if the roof is not the only item that was damaged, we’re still fixing rain gutters and siding. You should be secure that your house is in pristine condition and that you are covered in both directions.

Replacement of damaged roof 

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Sometimes, storms will wreak havoc on residential roofs which is why we make a point of offering roof fixes for damage caused by stuff like wind and hail. 

We can make the required repairs and deal with the insurance provider if you have damage to your metal roof, blowing out shingles, broken tiles, or other damage so that the repair process runs as smoothly as possible.

If your roof has seen better times and it’s time to repair the roof, please contact us! One of our professional roofing contractors will come out and examine the condition and supply you with a new roof that can last for decades. 

We will replace the shingle roof with new shingles or metal. We may also switch from metal covering to shingles of your preference, or vice versa.

A special piece of equipment we use, called the Equipter RB4000, is one aspect that sets us apart from the competition. This replaces the dump truck that is normal. It’s meant to generate the least possible amount of damage to your house. 

It raises to the roof so that both debris and old roofing materials are collected without affecting the landscape. And it’s got extra-wide tires, so it’s not going to make tracks on the turf. 

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Best roofing services in Wayne

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