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Roofing in Wheaton Looking for reputable roofing contractors in Wheaton isn’t hard as long as you do your research and select the one that best fits your needs. At FTC Oury Group LLC, we know how it is to hunt for a company that is reliable, dedicated, honest, and affordable to take care of everything, from residential to commercial roofing requirements. That is why our team of roofers in Wheaton takes an exceptional approach to the roofing business. Our approach is to provide quick response times, friendly customer service, and state-of-the-art materials and craftsmanship in our work. No matter what kind of roofing problem you’re dealing with, whether it’s a missing shingle on your home as a result of the latest storm or extensive sheet metal damage on your commercial business, we guarantee a faster repair than the competitor and the cost will be lower than most on the market today. If your home has a roof issue that requires it to be dealt with, don’t put it off, contact us today so we can do an inspection and fix the problem for you the right way.

Why Choose FTC Oury Group LLC in Wheaton?

New clients in the Wheaton area often wonder what roofing company to select. FTC Oury Group LLC provides its reliable services to residents and businesses throughout the area with pride. We’ve experience in residential roofing, and we’ve learned a thing or two about quality work and dedication to the consumer. We have earned a reputation for being the outgoing yet most professional roofing service in the area and are proud to hold that distinction. From industrial roofing to commercial roofing to residential roofing, you can trust us to get the work right the first time we try.

Tear-Offs, Roof Replacements, and Re-Roofing in Wheaton

Whether you are tearing off a roof on your commercial building, replacing the roof on your residence, or just re-roofing over the existing roof, any kind of roofing task is a huge undertaking. That is why it’s so significant not to try to undertake any type of roofing project on your own. Our trained roofing contractors in Wheaton, have the experience it takes to do the job fast and without mistakes that could be made by someone who isn’t trained in residential or commercial roofing. Installing or doing roof repairs is something you require to be trained to do, and it can be dangerous if you aren’t. Instead of attempting to do any of the above on your own, contact us. We are dedicated to bringing you the best quality work at the most affordable charges, guaranteed!

Roofing Installs in Wheaton, IL, to Depend On

Roofs wear out on commercial buildings and residential homes all the time, and sometimes roof repairs just aren’t a choice. At FTC Oury Group LLC, we sit down with you and determine the best course of action to solve your roofing problems. Our roofing contractors can then install your roof for you fast and easily.

For additional information on any type of roofing installations or roof repairs, don’t hesitate to call FTC Oury Group LLC. at (630) 866-6888 for an appointment for a free estimate now!

The Components of a Residential Roof

Residential Roofing Products

Residential Roofing Products include those products needed to provide a quality roofing system typically for a customer’s home, garage, or other residential applications. Residential roofing products are usually designed for steep slope applications. Products can comprise roofing shingles, underlayments, and accessory products.

Roofing Shingles

Roofing Shingles in WheatonThere are three main categories of roofing shingles, which comprise of strip roofing shingles, dimensional roofing shingles, and premium roofing shingles.

Strip shingles are the most basic of residential roofing products present in the market. They are single layered roofing shingles that are usually designed to be like slate.

Dimensional roofing shingles normally are heavier weight than strip roofing shingles.

Premium roofing shingles are usually laminated and provide enhanced aesthetics and an increased design element.


Underlayments are intended for use on residential roof decks as a water-resistant layer under roofing shingles. Waterproofing shingle underlayments prevent leaks from ice dams and wind-driven rain in vulnerable locations.

Accessory Products

Accessory shingles are used to finish the hips and ridges of a residential roof and carry a similar warranty like the shingles they are applied over. There are several options intended to complement shingles’ appearance while providing the same level of protection and durability.

Proper Attic Ventilation

Proper attic ventilation systems permit a continuous flow of outside air through the attic, which creates cooler attics in the summer and drier attics in the winter. It comprises a balanced system between air intake (at your eaves or soffits) and air exhaust (at or near your roof ridge).

Starter Shingles

Starter shingles save the application period. They are intended to work specifically with different styles of shingles for consistent appearance and performance.

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